When you invest in a commercial HVAC installation, you need a system you can count on to keep everyone at your Avawam, Kentucky, business comfortable. The equipment must be powerful enough to heat or cool the entire space without driving your energy expenses sky-high. Reputable contractors use load calculations to determine just how much heating or cooling you’ll need for your building. Here are three reasons a properly sized HVAC system lets you reap the full benefits of your new installation.

The Goldilocks Effect

The size of a commercial HVAC system represents the amount of energy it needs to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. A too-big system will cycle on and off at frequent intervals, resulting in uneven temperatures. One that is too small will run overtime, trying and failing to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Like Goldilocks testing which chair fits her best, load calculations help ensure the equipment is sized “just right.”

Superior Energy Efficiency

From window size to the level of insulation, many factors impact the amount of energy your HVAC system consumes. Load calculations analyze these issues to determine how they impact heat loss and heat gain. This information allows contractors at Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling to select the ideal system size for your business. Properly sized HVAC systems optimize energy efficiency, so you never spend more money than necessary for heating and cooling.

Long-Term Savings

Commercial HVAC load calculation help keep your monthly energy expenses manageable. Because the right-sized equipment lasts longer and needs fewer repairs, they save you money down the road as well. Undersized or oversized equipment also creates problems ranging from poor ventilation to imbalanced humidity levels. These issues can impact the health of your employees, leading to frequent absences and increased healthcare costs.

At Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling, our load calculations ensure you get the most from your commercial HVAC installation. For more information, explore our commercial services or call (606) 436-0682 today.

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