Maintaining healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential if you want to breathe easy and sleep well. It’s also vital for minimizing the likelihood of developing or worsening allergies or respiratory problems. Here are three significant threats to indoor air quality that you need to tackle in Lost Creek, KY:

Pet Dander and Pollen

As much as we love our furry friends, they don’t exactly contribute to a sanitary environment. We call the little dead skin cells that shed from pets and float through the air pet dander. Because pet dander is so tiny, it can subtly diminish IAQ and even trigger allergies without it being obvious why.

The same is true of various pollutants that you might inadvertently bring home from outside. These include pollen, bacteria and even viruses. Good air filters or air purifiers can remove all these contaminants.

Smoke, Dust and Other Particulates

If your home is full of smoke and dust, this can make it extremely difficult to breathe. Dust and smoke can come into your home because of a defective ventilation system or simple carelessness regarding what you let float inside. Smoke and dust can either float through the air or settle on your floor or furniture, harming your IAQ.

Problems with your furnace or heating system can also cause smoke or soot to proliferate through your home. If this happens, your system may require professional repair. You’re also likely to develop a similar problem if you smoke indoors.

Noxious Gases and Chemicals

Cleaning products, perfumes, paints and other household items can leave behind volatile and hazardous compounds. These include things like formaldehyde, radon, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. All of these sharply decrease IAQ and can cause serious health problems.

It’s important to maintain your indoor air quality against threats like those mentioned above. Installing an air purifier or cleaner in your home can have many benefits, from improved health to better sleep. To reap the benefits of our indoor air quality services, call Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling and breathe easy!

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