Air conditioners are quieter than ever before thanks to technological advancements. You shouldn’t take loud unusual noises from your AC system lightly. Here are some AC sounds that require immediate professional help in Bearbranch, KY.


Clanking sounds may indicate an out-of-balance or loose component in the air conditioner, such as a loose compressor. The noise may also signify that the outdoor fan and its blades or indoor blower are out of balance, hitting other parts. The issues are likely to worsen and cause bigger problems if you don’t fix the causes.


Debris in the outdoor or indoor unit, dirty condenser coils or dirty air filters can cause a buzzing sound. Loose parts and refrigerant leaks are other reasons your AC system is producing a buzzing noise. An experienced AC repair service technician can check the unit to diagnose the reasons for the buzzing noise and fix the issues to prevent a costly breakdown.


A loud rattle signifies that the compressor is aging and needs service or repair. It could also mean that the air conditioning unit has debris accumulation or loose bolts, screws and other parts. Regular AC maintenance can significantly help prevent rattling noises and damage because it encourages early diagnosis and repair.


A loud grinding noise within the AC system might indicate a worn-out bearing on the fan motor or other problems with it. Hire a certified AC repair expert when you hear a loud grinding noise to save the fan motor and air conditioner through prompt repairs. The compressor also makes grinding noises if it’s worn out or there’s a loose or faulty fan belt.

It’s time to hire a qualified professional if you hear any unusual and loud AC sounds. Prompt repairs and preventative maintenance can help to detect issues that cause unusual noises early enough. Call Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling today for information about our affordable maintenance agreements.

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