One of the essential conditions in a home that people in Clayhole, KY, tend to overlook is the indoor air quality. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) study found that indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air. Here are three reasons to install a whole-home air purifier to help eradicate such risks.

1. Absorbs Allergens

Did you know that more than 25 million people in the country have asthma and other lung-related allergies? Since asthma has no cure, the best way to manage it is to reduce the number of allergens you expose yourself to. Air purifiers filter and trap those allergens, sanitizing the air that you breathe. They also eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi that may be present in the air.

2. Eliminates Odors

Odors in homes could come from pets, trash cans, dirty linens, toys, etc. Air purifiers have activated carbon filters that can trap the odor particles, leaving your house smelling clean or at least neutral. Instead of covering up odors with candles or sprays, purifiers actually remove them.

3. Gives You a Cleaner Home

Dust and humidity are inevitable in a home, especially during the summer season. Installing a whole-home air purifier can help free your indoor space from dust, dust mites, and humidity, leaving your house clean and healthy for your family. It can also help with animal dander, often reducing the severity of pet allergies triggered within the home.

If you have been considering installing a home air purification system, contact our repair and installation team at Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling to get a quality indoor air purification system that is durable, efficient and easy to maintain. We can advise you on the best purification system for your home. When we install it, we’ll do it right the first time around.

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