As a resident of Hindman, Kentucky, you know how bizarre the weather can be. One day it’s 75 degrees and sunny and the next the weatherman is calling for snow. Kentucky weather is all over the place, which is why a lot of homeowners invest in backup generators. An emergency generator provides peace of mind when the weather gets rough.

Maintain Indoor Comfort

An emergency generator helps you maintain indoor comfort when the power goes out. It provides power in a matter of seconds, so your home’s temperatures don’t fluctuate too much. You know how hot and sticky your house can get if the air conditioner isn’t running even for a minute after a spring storm; a generator will keep your AC going for days after a storm. You won’t have to take your family to a hotel or your in-laws’ house while you wait for your power to come back on.

Keep the Security System On

Crime rates tend to rise during power outages. Criminals use a power outage to their advantage because they know a lot of homes’ and businesses’ security systems won’t work when the electricity is out. With an emergency generator, your home’s security system will stay powered on, which keeps you and your family safe even during long blackouts.

Stay Connected

Another important reason to invest in an emergency generator is that it keeps the internet on. You need electricity to power your home’s internet routers, and a generator provides the power to keep you connected. This means you can still stay in touch with your friends and family via the internet to let everyone know you’re okay. It also ensures your home’s smart devices, such as your smart thermostat still works.

Thinking about buying an emergency generator? Contact Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling at (606) 436-0682 to learn about the differences between propane and natural gas generators. A professional heating and air conditioning specialist can help you choose the best generator for your home.

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