A functional and efficient furnace will help you reduce operational costs and keep you warm when it’s cold outside. During the fall in Avawam, KY, cleaning the burners of debris and dust, applying oil to the furnace blower, and uncovering the heating vents are essential for furnace preparation. Here are four more tips to help you get your furnace ready for cooler temperatures.

Lubricate the Blower Motor

The blower motor needs lubrication for enhanced performance and efficiency of the furnace. If the manufacturer recommends oiling, the HVAC technician will turn off and disconnect the furnace from the power supply as a precautionary measure. He or she will lubricate the bearings by removing the lid and cleaning the caps before placing them back.

Check Your Thermostat by Turning It On

Check if your thermostat is still working effectively by turning it on and increasing the room temperature. If there is no change in the temperature after turning it on, contact a professional to fix the thermostat.

Inspect and Clean the Furnace Chimney

Some furnaces have chimneys serving as their vents. Small animals and debris may block the pathway of these vents, leading to ineffectiveness and higher energy consumption. Clean the chimney to remove any traces of carbon and dirt that may be present.

Check and Test the Ignition Switch

Modern gas-fueled furnace systems use electronic igniters, while the older ones have a pilot light that you can relight. Turn on the igniter, and try resetting it to check whether it is working. If this action fails, seek professional assistance.

Cooler temperatures in the Southern region mean homeowners need an effective furnace to heat the indoor atmosphere and make it more comfortable. For excellent heating repairs and maintenance in Avawam, KY, contact us at Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling.

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