Everyone knows the importance of heating and cooling in homes and businesses. However, some people forget about the humidity levels that also play a critical role in enhancing indoor comfort. Here are some of the reasons you should control humidity in your Whitesburg, KY, home.

1. Prevents Illnesses

Viruses thrive in a dry environment and can transmit into your indoor air. When inhaled, a virus may cause various health complications. On the other hand, high humidity promotes the growth of microbes that lower your indoor air quality.

By controlling and regulating humidity to recommended levels, you can prevent illnesses caused by viruses or microbes. Additionally, regulated humidity also protects your pets from the ill effects of poor air quality.

2. Reduces Electrostatic Shock

Whole-house humidifiers are critical in preventing static electricity, which causes electrostatic shocks. The static electric charges may also spark fires in your home, especially during winter. If you have sensitive electronics, the indoor humidity should range between 40% and 60% to prevent the buildup of electrostatic.

3. Prevents Damage to Wood Furniture and Floors

High humidity levels cause damage to your hardwood floor and furniture. Wood is a porous material and thus absorbs moisture from your indoor air and expands. When moisture reduces, the wooden floor can shrink.

Although this is normal, drastic changes in humidity levels may damage the wood. High humidity also encourages the decomposition of wood, so you may end up losing your furniture and floor over time. Controlling humidity will prevent rotting and keep wooden equipment in top shape.

4. Provides Sufficient Hydration

Ensuring recommended humidity levels in your home can prevent issues such as damaged skin and itchiness. Dry air causes dehydration, which may lead to cracking and flaking of the skin. With controlled humidity, however, your skin receives adequate hydration, enabling it to remain healthy and vibrant.

5. Ensures Clean and Pure Indoor Air

Humid air is not only uncomfortable to inhale but also makes it hard to get sufficient oxygen into your bloodstream. Reduced oxygen uptake causes fatigue and reduces concentration. When combined with airborne pollutants such as dust, the humid air causes other health problems, such as headaches.

Controlled humidity will protect your loved ones from illnesses associated with moisture. For more information about HVAC system service, contact Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling.

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