The temperature in the spring and summer in Smilax, KY, can soar into the 80s or even 90s. Having an effective and efficient cooling system in place during these warmer months is a good idea. Think about the following three topics when choosing a commercial HVAC system for your business:

Do the Math

To ensure optimal climate control throughout your business establishment, the first step is selecting a commercial HVAC installation with sufficient power. This requires calculating the total cubic footage in your building.

Additionally, it’s vital to adhere to all government regulations. Following these not only ensures compliance but also guarantees your system will operate efficiently.

Assess the Costs

When planning for a new commercial HVAC installation, you must also determine the long-term cost of upkeep. A key thing to remember is that spending money in the beginning to get the best possible HVAC system for your building will ensure you can get the best return on your investment. Top-flight commercial HVAC systems are expensive, but if you consider the initial cost to be an investment in your business, you would’ve made a wise decision.

Plan on Going Green

It’s a fantastic idea to think toward the future by selecting a green energy-efficient commercial heating and air conditioning system. These systems generally allow you to receive tax credits, and you also contribute to sustainability while lowering your carbon footprint. Be sure to pick a system that can affect slightly more cubic feet than you have, which will help you not overwork your system during periods of temperature extremes.

By making good choices regarding your new commercial HVAC system, you can ensure everyone’s comfort within your building. We’ll help you customize a system that fits your needs. Call us at Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling to choose a new commercial HVAC system.

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