It’s never too early to teach kids about energy savings in your Bearbranch, Kentucky, home. The more educated children become about the positive benefits of saving energy, the more they will carry these attributes into adulthood. The best ways to teach your kids about energy efficiency is through play, positive reinforcement and rewards. Here are some fun ideas on ways to teach your kids how to save energy.

Energy Detective

Kids love to play “I Spy.” The goal of this game is to go around the house and find things that are energy wasters, such as cell phone and tablet chargers that are left plugged in even when they are not charging (they still use electricity). Have them walk around the house at night and say goodnight to the lights as they shut them off. Have them look for air leaks from poorly sealed windows and doors and explain how fixing the leaks will help to save energy.

Help with HVAC Maintenance

Kids love to help around the house. Get them involved with small tasks such as cleaning the air filters in the HVAC system and making sure that the outside unit is clean and clear of debris. Have them clean the registers and vents and explain to them why it’s important to schedule preventive maintenance for keeping the system running efficiently.

Electricity Challenge

This game is good for the whole family. Make a spreadsheet with everyone’s name on it and have several boxes that need to be checked by the end of the week. Tasks such as turning off lights, unplugging chargers, and washing clothes with a full load of laundry in cold water are good ways to reduce energy waste. At the end of the week, whoever has the most points or checked boxes gets a reward.

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