A heat pump allows your family to be comfortable all year by regulating temperatures in every season. Since the system is constantly in use, it’s not unusual for it to develop some problems, making you wonder whether to repair it or get a new one. This post discusses how to choose between heat pump repair and replacement in Buckhorn, KY.

System’s Age

Your heat pump’s efficiency will lessen as years pass by. Energy Star recommends getting a new heat pump if the one you are using is more than 10 years old.

Continuing to repair a heat pump that has surpassed the 10-year mark will cost you comfort and money. This is because the unit may start breaking down more often.

System’s Size

For a heat pump to regulate indoor temperatures efficiently, it should be the correct size for your home. Sometimes, you may end up with an oversized or undersized system.

Most people assume an oversized system will satisfy their temperature demands quickly and an undersized system will save energy costs. This is incorrect.

An oversized system has inefficient short cycles. It heats some parts of the house very quickly but leaves cold spots in other areas. As a result, there’s increased wear and tear on its parts.

An undersized system runs without stopping since your home’s heating load exceeds the unit’s abilities. The stress on its parts also increases.

No repairs can solve your problems if you have an improperly sized unit. The best solution is to get a new one.

Nature of the Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump contains multiple components that work together to regulate your indoor temperatures. The costs and complexity of repairs of these parts vary.

It’s cheaper and easier to repair worn-out belts than to fix a compressor. The cost and complexity of the repair at hand will determine whether you should repair or replace your system. Contact us at Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling today for professional HVAC services.

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