When it comes to your overall quality of life, indoor air quality matters. Making sure your indoor air is clean is a big part of maintaining a healthy home, and you need IAQ products to keep your air clean. At Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to help Perry County, KY families breathe easier all year long. Read on to learn more about the products we install and maintain.

Air Cleaners and Purifiers

In the world of air quality, think of these systems as your frontal assault on air pollution. Cleaners and purifiers remove contaminants from the air directly. This is especially important for people with asthma and allergies, but it makes a difference for everyone, even pets.


Maintaining a good humidity level is just as important as keeping the air clean. Humidifiers are a key part of a healthy home, especially if you have forced hot air heat which tends to drain humidity from the air. In addition to easing asthma symptoms and allergies, humidifiers help to preserve your wooden furniture.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Over time, indoor air always becomes stale, and a ventilator can help you and your family breathe easier. Ventilators work in conjunction with your air conditioner or heat pump to send indoor air outside and bring fresh outdoor air back into your home. A good ventilator will improve air quality and energy efficiency simultaneously.

These are just a few of the air quality products and services that can help you maintain a clean and healthy home. Every family’s needs are unique, and depending on factors such as pets, smoking, respiratory illnesses and general home cleanliness, you may need more or less in the way of air quality systems. That’s why it’s so important to work with an experienced HVAC contractor who understands what these systems do. To learn more, explore indoor air quality solutions online or call us today!

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