As we enter a hot summer in Avawam, KY, hearing an unfamiliar noise coming from your air conditioner can be a disheartening discovery. With the heat of this area, we rely on our air conditioners to keep us comfortable, so it is important to know what certain noises mean. Noises coming from your HVAC system could mean a bad motor, leaking refrigerant, or faulty ductwork, but a skilled technician can fix the problem.

Squealing or Screaming

A squealing or screaming noise coming from your air conditioner is one of the most common sounds of imminent failure. Typically, any high-pitched noise like this will be coming from an electric motor within the system.

If the noise is primarily inside your home, it is likely that the fan motor in your air handler has failed or is in the process of failing. In contrast, squealing noises from the outside of your home suggest trouble with your condenser.

There are two motors in a condenser, one driving the compressor and another driving the fan. Both are essential for the system to work properly, so both need to be addressed quickly.

Hissing or Air Leaking

The noise of hissing or air escaping can also indicate trouble. If you hear a hissing noise from the outside components of your air conditioning system, you may have a refrigerant leak from a cracked line or loose fitting.

On the other hand, a wooshing noise from inside your home may indicate that a piece of ductwork has come loose or that the air handler is leaking. One of our qualified technicians will be able to quickly determine which issue is causing the noise.

Water Running or Dripping

A gurgling or “water running” noise often indicates that your system is low on refrigerant or is leaking refrigerant. If this is the case, your system will likely stop cooling very soon and need to be repaired or replaced. However, if you see actual water dripping, your problem likely lies with your condenser.

Regardless of the noise your air conditioner is making, we are here to help. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will be able to quickly determine the cause of any noises and resolve them to keep your Avawam, KY, home cool this summer. If you are having any issues with your system, give Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling a call today.

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