If you’re accustomed to doing things on your own in your Kite, KY, home, you might think you can save money by installing your own heat pump without enlisting professional services. This might seem like it saves money, but doing so carries great risks. Keep reading to learn five reasons you should let a professional install your heat pump for you.


You can jeopardize your health and safety if you install your own heat pump. These systems feature both chemicals and electricity, and either one can be fatal if you handle it wrong. Making physical changes to your home’s infrastructure also puts you at great risk.

Potential Expenses

If you make any mistakes during your self-installation, it’ll likely involve an expensive repair. The cost of that burden will fall on your shoulders, and you might wind up doing a lot more work than you anticipated. You might also damage the new heat pump, incurring more costs.

Lower Property Value

Improper heating installation can lower the value of your home because extra installation tasks and repairs might be necessary. If you’re adding a heat pump to get ready for selling your home, you might not get the value return you’re anticipating. Professional installers can do the work successfully and even guarantee their labor.

Expensive Tools and Experience

Heat pump professionals already have the specialized tools, training and experience to install these systems. They know who to call or where to turn for help if they don’t have something.

Rules and Regulations

In many cases, installing your own heat pump could void the warranty on the system. Also, you might violate local codes, regulations and permit procedures.

Finally, heat pumps use refrigerants that you need proper licensing to buy and handle. Industry professionals already have that taken care of.

While you want to save money whenever you can, your best move is to let professionals install your heat pump. Trying to do it on your own might cost you more later. Contact Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling for all your home’s heat pump service needs.

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