Your thermostat helps to regulate indoor temperatures by communicating with the HVAC system. You may be unsure about which temperature settings to use for optimum comfort and energy efficiency. Read on to learn the ideal temperature for your Whitesburg, KY, home for boosting energy efficiency.

Ideal Temperature to Set While at Home

During the warmer months, your HVAC system will provide comfort while saving energy when you set the thermostat at 78 degrees. Contrary to common belief, cranking down the thermostat when your indoor air is excessively hot won’t cool your home quickly.

Instead of working faster, your HVAC system works for a longer time to achieve the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. Working for longer periods accelerates your system’s chances of breaking down.

Consequently, you may require frequent repairs to keep the system running efficiently. Running continuously also increases your energy bill.

Temperature Setting to Input Before You Sleep

You may have difficulties sleeping when your indoor temperature is high. Set the temperature at 70-75 degrees before you sleep. Your body lowers its temperature just before you sleep, proving that your body needs cool temperatures to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Therefore, you should lower the thermostat when it’s hot outside.

How to Use Your Thermostat to Achieve Energy Efficiency

Consider increasing the temperature on the thermostat when you’re away from home. This reduces your HVAC cooling load, increasing your energy savings. With a conventional thermostat, you can input your preferred temperatures manually before you leave the house.

On the other hand, a smart thermostat allows you to set temperatures even while out of the house in case you forgot to set them before you left. A smartphone application makes this operation successful. Also, the device keeps track of your energy usage data and generates a report and tips to help you save energy.

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