Short cycling is when your air conditioner turns on and off without completing a proper cycle. This is one of the obvious signs of system dysfunction. Homeowners in Clayhole, KY, need to know why it’s happening if they experience this problem. Here are a few reasons your AC system might start short cycling:

Dirty Air Conditioning Filters

If air cannot flow smoothly through your air conditioning or heat pump system, potentially anything may malfunction as a result. Dirty air filters are among the primary threats to good airflow because accumulated debris on the filter’s mesh can block air. This, in turn, will lead to straining the AC system, which may trigger overheating and cause everything to shut down, particularly if it’s the compressor that overheats.

You need to change your AC system’s filter once every 60 to 90 days. Making other moves to ensure airflow, like cleaning debris from coils or the compressor, is also a good idea. Service technicians can do the latter for you when you schedule air conditioner maintenance.

Low Refrigerant in the Air Conditioner

Depending on the circumstances, a refrigerant leak may cause your AC system or heat pump to either short cycle or to work nonstop. If it short cycles, it’ll be because the system must work harder to cool or heat air with less refrigerant. This is another instance where it’ll shut off before overheating.

Wrongly Sized AC System

Finally, your AC system might short cycle because it’s simply too large for your home. If load calculations were not done correctly, your AC system or heat pump may be too powerful and stop cycles before your home is at an adequate temperature. Excess starting and stopping can wear on your system’s components and cause components to break down sooner than they otherwise would.

No matter the reason for short cycling, you’ll need professional assistance to stop it. Call Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling to get the best AC repair services around Clayhole, KY.

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