Furnaces shouldn’t leak water if they’re functioning properly. The underlying problems behind any leaks that you see might be minor or they might point to something serious. Here are some reasons the furnace in your Clayhole, KY, home might leak:

Exhaust Pipe Problems

One reason for a leaky furnace is an issue with the exhaust pipe. If it’s blocked or not installed properly, the exhaust fumes cool and condense, causing water to drip on the floor.

Broken Drain Line or Drain Pan

If you can trace your furnace leak to a specific pipe, you may likely have a clogged or damaged drain line. The line may be full of soot, sediment or other debris. It’s also possible that your furnace’s drain pan, which should gather and remove condensate and other water from your furnace, has sustained some damage.

HVAC professionals can repair all of this damage. They can clear the drain line of debris or replace it with a new one if this isn’t possible. They can also install a new drain pan for you.

Broken Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a special device that sits between your furnace’s combustion chamber and its blowers. Its job is to move heat from the combustion chamber into your furnace’s ducts so that your HVAC system can then spread warm air around your home. However, if the heat exchanger cracks or suffers other damage, it can spring a leak.

The cracks, blockages and other damage that can cause furnace leaks can eventually devastate your furnace’s ability to function. You’ll need the help of heating professionals to make sure you can stay warm this winter. Call Appalachian Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling for the best HVAC services in Clayhole, KY. We’ll ensure any leak your furnace experiences doesn’t return.

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